MySQL Client : phpMiniAdmin

phpMiniAdmin Screenshot

If you are working on the LAMP Platform, you would have encountered the MySQL Database administration tool 'phpMyAdmin'. Almost all web control panels provide phpMyAdmin for managing the database. Its a great software - it has a lot of features. But there is a price associated with having that much features - its bulky. It takes some time to load and use. And since it is on the web, that makes it even slower.

phpMiniAdmin is a similar software that aims to solve this problem. It has only the most essential things needed in a database administration tool.

phpminiadmin is a lightweight alternative to heavy phpMyAdmin for easy access MySQL databases. It's extremely small (just ~10Kb) standalone PHP script that can be used by web developers or site owners to quickly access MySQL databases of their web sites.


The connection details like host, username and password will be stored in a cookie. So other systems will not be able to access the database.



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