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New to JavaScript? Take a look at my tutorials for JavaScript.
ABC of JavaScript - An Interactive JavaScript Tutorial
Advanced JavaScript Tutorial

Online Sudoku
A javascript version of the popular japanise number game sudoku. This can be used to play sudoku online.
Create DOM - $C()
$C() is a function that provides a much easier alternative to W3C DOM's createElement function. You can create DOM sturctures very easily with it.
XML Parser
I worte a small function 'xml2array()' which will parse the given XML document and return the data in an associative array.
Jasfer or JavaScript Feed Reader is a JavaScript program to read RSS feeds and display it in a HTML file.
Enigma Machine
A script that mimics the working of Enigma machines used in World War II by Germany for encryption and decyption of top secret documents.
Software DataBase
A javascript front-end for a XML database. This script uses JavaScript's DOM structure to access a XML file.
666 Finding Utility
Find out whether any name has the number 666 encoded in it in two ways.
Temperment Finder
Find out your temperment by filing out this questionaire.

Are you using Firefox? I have created a few GreaseMonkey User Scripts.
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