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Like the Sudoku script? Think it will be a nice addition on your site? All you have to do is ask.

The javascript code powering Online Sudoku is available for use by anybody free of charge in the GPL license.

Many visitors have my permission for using the script on their site - and being a 'Open Source Guy', I am only too glad to oblige. Not just that, the interest of others will motivate me to devote more time to work on this script. So if you wish to use this script on your site, just use the zip file given below. You are free to modify the script to match your requirements. If you add a cool feature to it, be sure to let me know so that I can use it in my site too.

You don't have to ask my permission to use the script, but I would greatly appreciate it if you let me know that you are using my script. Knowing that many people use the script will encourage me to use more of my time on this script. Make sure to include a link to the page on your site in which you will place the sudoku script in your mail to me at .

You are free to use the script on your site - and all I ask in return is that you keep the copyright notice(this is commented - the users won't even see it) - and a link to the original page - something like...

Powered by Online Sudoku

You can use the following HTML to do it.

<div id="powered-by">Powered by 
<a href="">
Online Sudoku</a></div>

For your convenience, I have included a distributeable version of the script in ZIP format. In this version, all the formatting for my site has been removed - so reducing your work in importing my script to your site. Feel free to modify this script as long as you include the copyright notice and a link back to my original page.

Download Script : - 14.6 KB - Online Sudoku V 2.00.A

Please note that the downloadable version may not be the latest version - just check the version number in the script.

Supporting the Script

If you enjoyed the script, you can support the development of this script by giving a small donation. The donation is voluntary - you don't have to make a donation to use the script on your site. If you enjoyed the script and want to supports its development, you can make a donation.

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