CGI GuestBook V 1.00.A



This script is to collect visitor information form the public and store in a file for your viewing. This script also includes a self created acknowledgment page. It is essential to have the form to which this file should be linked. Without it, this script will not function. 'guestbook.html' is the file that takes in the info and passes it to the script

This script is different from the 'Guest Book' perl script that is available from my site in the following ways


Use the html file given with the script as the input form. And make sure that the action attribute of the form is pointed correctly at the script file.


You can edit the code to fit your needs - you can even delete the link to my site - although I would be extremely grateful if you let it stay.

Last Words

Hope you find this useful. If you have any questions, suggestions, criticisms etc., you can reach me at or you can visit my site at For more CGI scripts, come to the perl section.

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