SedGUI V1.00.A Beta

Download SedGUI V 1.00.A Beta - 8.28 KB Zipped File

This is a GUI version of the Sed(Stream EDitor) program in Unix. Sed is a very powerful and very useful program - that said, it is very user unfriendly. So this is a GUI version for the Sed progarm.

SedGUI need Perl 5 to run. It must have Tk modules that are available with all standard distrubutions of perl. If you don't have perl, you can get it from

Screen Shot
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Please Note..
This is a Beta release and is expected to have a lot of bugs bundled with the software. If you notice any, please send a note to and I will see what I can do.

Known Issues

If you noticed any bugs or if you want to leave me a comment, you can mail it to me at or you can leave a couple of comments here.

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