SqlPager PHP Class

Download - and rename to SqlPager.php

This class make paging very simple - just provide it with the query to page, and it will do the rest. It uses the LIMIT keyword to do this. Currently, it support only MySQL.


Basic Example
$pager = new SqlPager("SELECT name FROM Users WHERE status=1");
print $pager->getLink("first") . ' | ' . $pager->getLink("previous");
print $pager->getLink("next") . ' | ' . $pager->getLink("last");
$this_page = $pager->getPage();
All Features Example
See this example in action

$pager = new SqlPager("SELECT url, title from Pages WHERE status=1");
$this_page = $pager->getPage();

print "<br />";

print $pager->getLink("first") . '<br />' . $pager->getLink("previous");

print $pager->getLink("next") . '<br />' . $pager->getLink("last");


if($this_page) {
	print "<ul>\n";
	foreach($this_page as $row) {
		print "<li><a href='$row[url]'>$row[title]</a></li>\n";
	print "</ul>\n";

print $pager->getStatus();


SqlPager( $query[, $items_per_page = 10 ] )




The query that should be used for paging $items_per_page - The default number of items per page - defaults to 10


The Items Per Page
Optional Argument - if the argument is not provided, the function will use '10' as the default value.

SqlPager::getSql( )

Returns the SQL resource of the pager.


The SQL resource of the pager.

SqlPager::getPage( )

Returns all the items for one page in an array.


All the items for one page in a list.

SqlPager::printPager([ $return_data = false ] )

Prints the pager. Shows links to pages as numbers - except for the current page. The number of links to be shown is decided by the $opt['links_count'] member variable. If that is 0, all links are shown. If its 5, then 5 links are shown.



The Return Data
Optional Argument - if the argument is not provided, the function will use 'false' as the default value.

SqlPager::getLinkToPage( $page )

Returns the link to the page of the given page number



The page number of the page of which's link you want.


The url of the page - index.php?sp_page=2

SqlPager::getStatus( )

Returns the status of the current page. Use the $status_template member variable as a template.

SqlPager::printItemsPerPageDropDown( )

Shows a Dropdown menu with values 5,10,20, 25, 50, 100. On selecting one option, that much items will be shown in one page.

SqlPager::printGoToInput( )

Input box based navigation. Shows a Input box where the users can type in a page number to go to that page number. Very useful for sites with a large number of pages.

SqlPager::printGoToDropDown( )

This function displays a dropdown box with all pages. Selecting a different page jumps to that page.

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