Tcl/Tk IDE : Crimson Editor

I use Crimson Editor as my IDE for Tcl/Tk. The following features are the reason for my making this choice.

Pros :
  1. Fast Loading
  2. Can add many tools and help files - We can make wish a tool and lauch the script from within the editor. Or we can make the documentation of Tcl appear at the press of a button.
  3. Syntax Highlighting - Customizable.
  4. Braces Matching with display.
  5. Auto-Indentation
Problems :
  1. Not Open Source.
  2. No support for Linux OS.
  3. Not a Tcl/Tk IDE - more of a text editor.

I have created TagView - a Tcl/Tk program to make programming Tcl/Tk in Crimson Editor more easy.
Also available are my Tcl/Tk specific options for Crimsion Editor.

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