GetFrequent V 1.04.C


This tiny utility will download a given list of URLs from the net and store it in a given folder. This is very useful if there is a regular pages you visit all the time you access the net - like the Top 10 Movies list or the News page or something like that. Just add all those urls to this program and it will automatically download all those files and store it in a specified folder.

Please note that this is not a download manager and is only intended for small files.

Important Note :
This is a Tcl/Tk Script. This script can only be executed in a system that has the Tcl/Tk interpreter. If you don't have it already, get it from After installing the interpreter, execute my script by double-clicking the 'GetFrequent.tcl' in Windows or running the 'wish GetFrequent.tcl' command in Linux.


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