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Bus Strike in Kerala

10 August, 2005
More Scripts on the way
I created a cool spell checker at work today - using PHP and JavaScript.
23 July, 2005
Update - Sudoku, Jasfer and more
The update on my current activities.
15 July, 2005
Jasfer or JAvaScript FEed Reader
Another product off the assembly line - Jasfer or JAvaScript FEed Reader. This is a JavaScript program to read RSS feeds and display it in a HTML file. With the publicity AJAX has received, making this program was just a matter of time. You can embed this software in your page with just a couple of lines - then any feed of your choice will be shown on your page. I made this software to be as customizable as possible - it is very easy to change its appearance using CSS styles.
10 July, 2005
First AdSense Check
A very happy day for me - I just got my first AdSense check. I was waiting for this day from the last year. When I joined the AdSense program - in November 2004, I did not even think that I would get any money for at least 3 to 5 years.
08 July, 2005
I have released the first stable version of Sudoku - I have solved the 'impossible to solve' problem - that is, I have solved the bug in the game that causes the script to create impossible to solve puzzles. I have also added some neat features
07 July, 2005
An Update
The introduction did not tell much about what I am doing now. These are my personal project - the ones I am currently working on...
26 June, 2005
An Introduction
I have started the blog - but as of yet, I have not introduced myself. I am Binny. Binny V Abraham. I am a programmer by profession. Currently I am working at a Web Development company, Reubro International as a programmer in Perl and PHP languages. I am also studing for BCA in IGNOU(VI Semister). I am settled in the Southern part of India - Kerala(also known as "God's own country").
17 June, 2005
The Rules of Programming in the Unix Tradition
I am reading the Book "The Unix Art of Programming" by Eric Steven Raymond. This set of rules of programming is found in that book. Thought someone might find it useful.
05 June, 2005
Sitemaps - A new Technology form Google
Google Sitemap is a method that will let the webmaster submit the location of a XML file that will have the location of all the pages in his website.
04 June, 2005
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