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sql2json() - Converts SQL Results to JSON String
sql2json() converts the result of the given SQL query to its equivalent JSON string.
19 April, 2006
CreateDOM - $C() - Fixed
$C() is a function that provides a much easier alternative to W3C DOM's createElement function. You can create DOM structures very easily with it.
15 April, 2006
Query() Function for PHP
query() function is a PHP function will accept a query as its argument and return the data in different formats based on the result of the query.
14 April, 2006
Creating DOM in a much easier way
Everyone who have tried their hand at creating a DOM structure using the W3C method knows that it is not easy. It is a piece of cake using innerHTML. But when we try it using W3C methods like document.createElement, we will find that it takes ten times more time. So I have created a small function(50 lines) to do this in a much easier way.
13 April, 2006
Skip Links
Skip Links are the links given at the top of the page that lets the users skip directly to the content area.
11 April, 2006
Accesskeys - Assigning Shortcuts for your Web Pages
Accesskeys let the web developer assign shortcut keys to an element. This is very easy to do - just put accesskey="CHARACTER" attribute in the element which you wish to create a shortcut for.
09 April, 2006
Happy Naked CSS Day Everyone
Happy Naked CSS Day everyone. I know its kinda late - but still I hope you had fun. Just 6 more hours to go, so if you want to see my site naked, this may be your last chance.
05 April, 2006
Preparations for Naked CSS Day
Six more hours before the Naked Day is upon us.
04 April, 2006
Annual Naked (X)HTML Day
Dustin Diaz has called for the first Annual Naked (HTML) Day on April 5th. Needless to say, I'm in.
03 April, 2006
Blogger Compresses the Uploaded Images - with bad results
Bad compression for blogger images.
01 April, 2006
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