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Installing and Configuring phpMyAdmin
In the last post, I introduced phpMyAdmin. In this, we will deal with installation and configuration of phpMyAdmin.
11 August, 2006
Managing Databases with MySQL Clients - phpMyAdmin
There are many MySQL Clients(or database administration tools) out there - MySQL Front End, Tora, mysql etc. But in the web environment, one client rules - phpMyAdmin. phpMyAdmin is a PHP based(obviously) GUI administration tool for MySQL.
07 August, 2006
MySQL - Database Management System
In this LAMP series, we have looked at Linux and Apache - now we are going to have a look at MySQL.
03 August, 2006
Multiple Versions of Apache on a Single System
Some times it is necessary to have multiple versions on Apache in your system. The system I am currently working on has two versions of Apache - the first is Apache 1.3 with PHP 4 and MySQL 3. The second apache is Apache 2.0 with PHP 5 and MySQL 5. It is very easy to install multiple versions of Apache in your system - the only limitation is that you can't have all the versions run at once - only one instance of apache must be running at any one point.
30 July, 2006
Practical Uses for mod_rewrite
I have explained how to use mod_rewrite to create structured URLs and about the most used mod_rewrite directives. Now to see some practical use of mod_rewrite in various situations.
26 July, 2006
mod_rewrite Directives - RewriteCond and RewriteRule
In the last post on mod_rewrite, I used a basic example from to explain the working of the mod_rewrite module. Now I will try to explain the various options available in mod_rewrite. The main directives that will be discussed are RewriteEngine, RewriteCond and RewriteRule.
22 July, 2006
mod_rewrite module for Apache
Along with the ability to password protect folders on the web server, another major use of the .htaccess file is the ability to 'rewrite' the URL. This will let you create more structured and easy to remember URLs. This module will redirect the user to one page while showing another URL in the address bar.
17 July, 2006
New Blog - BinnyVA
After much waiting I finally have a blog in WordPress. So currently I have two blogs - Bin-Blog and BinnyVA. I plan to use this blog(Blogger) as a professional blog and the other one(WordPress) as a more personal one. That blog will have a lower post frequency - around one per week. So from now on, all post that would have been tagged with 'Personal' will be kept in the opther blog - this blog will be used exclusively for professional content.
13 July, 2006
Football Vs JavaScript
In football, if some players are playing a standard game, no referee will go around trying to make their lives a living hell. In JavaScript, IE
09 July, 2006
Password protecting a folder using .htaccess
The password protection feature of '.htaccess' can be used to secure entire folders or files on your web server. This is much easier than having to code the entire authentication system by hand.
06 July, 2006
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