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Case Conversion using Regular Expressions in Perl
You can match a string and change its case when you are printing it back. For example you can convert 'case conversion using regular expressions in perl' to 'Case Conversion Using Regular Expressions In Perl' using just a regular expression.
02 November, 2006
Firefox 2.0 Release(and IE 7)
The recent release of Firefox 2.0 has created a lot of buzz in the blogsphere. And, as it is my favorite browser, it would be unfair if I did not give it a write up. In short : The update was more of a response to IE 7
29 October, 2006
Custom Search Engine from Google
You may have heard about the customized google search feature they just launched. I have decided to give it a try. I used it to create a search for all my sites - that is for these sites...
24 October, 2006
Bookmark Every Digg
A GreaseMonkey Script to add bookmark links next to all digg entries to the most popular bookmarking sites(, furl etc.)
21 October, 2006
No Sound in Flash running on Firefox in Linux(FC5)...
I had a small problem with Flash in Firefox today - flash works - but no sound. I don't know what causes this error - but it seems to be fairly common. This problem only occurs in Linux systems with Firefox.
17 October, 2006
Invalid JSON
I just read a post in Simon Wallace's blog about Invalid JSON. The main point is that valid JSON strings must be enclosed in a double quote(") - not a single quote('). I just updated my existing functions that created JSON in the wrong way.
12 October, 2006
SQLite is one of the smallest DBMS available. Unlike other RDBMS solutions like MySQL, PostgreSQL etc. SQLite does not have a Client-Server architecture. SQLite is a embedded into the software using it. The main advantage of this is you can create an application that uses a database without expecting the end user to have a database server.
08 October, 2006
PostgreSQL is a RDBMS that many claim is better than MySQL. This is basically the only Open Source competion MySQL has. There are other Open RDBMS but they are not in the league of MySQL and PostgreSQL.
04 October, 2006
Blogger Changed the Feed URL for Blogger Beta Site...
Blogger have changed the URL of the feeds of all the blogs that have upgraded to Blogger beta.
28 September, 2006
Top 5 Features Missing from Digg
Some features missing from Digg - tagging, bookmarking, better feed, new story discovery option and link to external services.
26 September, 2006
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