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Saving Code Snippets - Part 1
All programmers have their own ways of storing useful code for future use. Some don't do anything special for it. They can remember which project they had used the code - all they have to do is call up the source code for that project, search around a bit and they have the code they wanted. I used to be in this class - but now, I have too much projects and too much code for that to work. So I am exploring alternative methods to do this.
15 March, 2007
Little Flies...
I know I don't put comics in this blog - but there is a first time for everything. A comic from bLaugh...
07 March, 2007
Find the Dreamhost Server hosting your site
Dreamhost use multiple servers to host the sites of its customers. If you have been using their service, you would know the name of your web server. If you have been praying for the servers to come back up(as I have been doing) during the recent outage, you will know the name of your Web Server, MySQL server and the Email Server.
06 March, 2007
Quitting the Job
After two years, I have decided to leave Reubro International. I joined there around March 2005 as a Perl Developer. In the time I spend there, I learned PHP, Advanced JavaScript, Advanced CSS - even a bit about Database designing and server administration.
02 March, 2007
Top 5 Features Missing in Google Reader
I am using Google Reader as my RSS Aggregator. After using this for some time, I am still unsure of how to do some things. I don't even know weather its possible or not. And since Google Reader is publishing usage stats, I know that 35% of my readers uses Google Reader - so I want to ask these doubts to you.
26 February, 2007
Subscribing a feed in Google Reader using Firefox
As you know, the latest version of firefox has a feed preview feature. But subscribing a new feed in Google Reader using this feature leaves a little to be expected. If you use this feature to subscribe to feeds in the Google Reader, you must have come across the "Subscribe to Google Reader/Google Homepage" dilemma. I always want to subscribe to Google Reader - thats one extra click for me. But I found a way to overcome this.
23 February, 2007
Use of 'Numbers Particle' System in Programming
All numbers can be created using the series 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, ... without repetition. For example, 7 can be represented as 1+2+4. 13 is 8+4+1. This property is used for creating binary number...
17 February, 2007
Add Feedburner's FeedFlares to you Feed
If you are an RSS junkie you would have noticed that many feed have small links at the bottom of the post that can be used to digg the post, email it, subscribe to the comments of that post etc. These is a feature of feedburner - it is called Flares. According to Feedburner "FeedFlare is a one-step service that enables publishers to configure a very slim "footer" containing customizable actions that will appear beneath each item in a feed."
14 February, 2007
Bin-Co and OpenJS Backend Updated
I have just finished updating the backend of my two sites Bin-Co and OpenJS. I have updated the Database Design to make it compactable with my DB Design rules. Also some part of the code base have been altered to make it easier to reuse.
09 February, 2007
Nexty Beta Released
Nexty is a easy to use To-Do list manager created in PHP. This tool adds a few of my concepts with the generally held concepts of GTD. It can be installed in a local server or in a online web server.
04 February, 2007
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