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Nexty 1.0 Released

30 April, 2007
My Moves: A History
As you already know, I have made my move. Moving from one domain to another is not new to me - I have moved a lot before. Here is a small picture that will show all my ‘domain hops’…
23 April, 2007
I have moved my Blog
Every commenter in the last post agreed with me. As a result, I am moving the blog from to From the next post onwards, the post will be duplicated here and in my Bin-Co site. At the end of this month, I will abandon this blog and focus on the new one.
20 April, 2007
Should I move my Blog?
Lately, I am under a lot of pressure to move this blog to one of my own servers. I have thought about this before. I even have moved parts of it - like BinnyVA and OpenJS - but never moved the site entirely. Moving has its advantages and its disadvantages. Before I make the decision, I thought I will ask the site's readers for some feedback. So, what do you think guys? Should I move to my own domain?
16 April, 2007
I am NOT Spam!
When I was making the last post, I noticed something that was not there before - a word verification for posting. It was a rude shock for me - like a surcharge in a formerly surcharge free ATM. Turns out, the great Google bots think that this is a spam blog. Guys, this is not a spam blog! I have a spam blog - but this is not it.
10 April, 2007
Naked Days are here again!
Once again, its time to take off your stylesheets. April 5th is the official Naked Day for websites. My sites Bin-Co and OpenJS will be naked for this day.
05 April, 2007
Using Twitter, Part 3 - Offline Twitter
In my last post about the use of twitter, I said that my primary purpose for using twitter is to track my time. However twitter is not created for that use. It is very difficult to track your time using twitter. But there is an easy solution to this problem - create an offline twitter.
03 April, 2007
Using Twitter, Part 2 - The Use of Twitter
Why do one use twitter? Why do you have to inform others about what you are doing? There are many answers to this question.
27 March, 2007
Using Twitter, Part 1 - Command Line Twitter Client
You may have heard of Twitter - if not, it is a microblogging platform that allows members to tell each other what they are doing and what they think. There was a huge buzz about twitter recently - made me create an account on twitter. I tried to post through the web interface - but that's not a very intuitive method. The IM method is much better - but it almost never works. So I ended up making another method - the CLI method. Or twittering using the Command Line.
22 March, 2007
Saving Code Snippets - Part 2
In the last post, we saw various methods of storing text snippets. Each of the discussed methods had its advantages and disadvantages. I could not use any of those methods. But eventually I found one method that was perfect. It was WordPress.
18 March, 2007
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