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Refferer Links in Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a great tool for tracking your visitors - I use it for all my sites. But there is one problem - you cannot find the exact URL from which the visitor has come(the 'Refferer' URL). Well, they provide this data - but have hidden it in the menu.
31 January, 2007
Wired Redesign Reviewed
Wired Magazine have redsigned their site - and since it is one of the best technology magazines, I decided to review the code behind the scenes. I am not an expert in graphical design - so I am not going to say much about it. However, I will say this - I don't see it as an improvement over their last design.
26 January, 2007
Ajax Data Transfer Format - UED(Url Encoded Data)
UED(URL Encoded Data) is an Ajax data transfer format for sending data from a browser to the server side. Most data structures can be easily encoded into a URL. You can create variables, lists, hashs etc. using existing syntax. The best part is that all server side languages are capable of handling this format - so extra parsing is not needed.
24 January, 2007
Enabling Image Uploading in FCKEditor for PHP
FCKEditor is one of the most feature rich web based WYSWYG editors. I use it for almost all my projects. However, if you wish to enable image uploading in it, you have to jump through some hoops. This is a small tutorial on how to enable image uploading in FCKEditor. This tutorial is aimed at FCKEditor 2.3.2 - but the principle works in other versions of FCKEditor as well.
21 January, 2007
Flash 9 for Linux
Finally - Adobe have released Flash 9 for Linux. I have been using the beta version of Flash 9 for some time now. Still no flash for 64 bit Linux.
18 January, 2007
'Snap Preview Anywhere' Review
I am seeing a lot of sites using the Snap Preview Anywhere. I just cannot understand why people are using it - it adds almost no value to the page.
13 January, 2007
De-lurking day for all you Lurkers out there
I always wanted to do a 'de-lurking' post. Two of my favorite web development bloggers - 456 Berea st and veerle's blog have done it. So I have decided to join in and create a de-lurking post of my own.
09 January, 2007
Creating Web 2.0 Graphics In Gimp
There are many tutorials about creating buttons and graphics in the new 'Web 2.0' style. Unfortunately, all these tutorials are for Photoshop users. The Gimp users are completely ignored. To solve this problem I have written a series on creating Web Graphics in Gimp.
05 January, 2007
Bests Posts in 2006
Happy new year, all! This year I will continue the tradition of highlighting the best posts of the year at the end of the year(or at the beginning of the next - as in this case). The best posts in 2006 in this blog are...
01 January, 2007
Creating a shadows in Gimp
Shadows are an integral part of Web 2.0 design. Here are a few ways to create a shadow in Gimp...
27 December, 2006
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