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Sementic Pullquotes
Roger Johansson of the 456 Berea st. recently wrote an article on how to make pullquotes using javascript. Pullquotes are basically some important text in the content that is repeated on a side with emphasis so that people will notice it sooner. This is often seen in magazines.
22 September, 2006
32bit Linux installed(Fedora Core 5)
As said in the previous post, I have installed Fedora Core 5(32 bit) version on my system. A pity, I was starting to like the 64 bit version. The speed became bearable after you get used to it. Anyway I have just installed the 32 bit version - I have to configure it now. I will let you know what I think of the OS once the whole thing is set up.
19 September, 2006
Fedora Core 5 - 64bit Vs 32bit
I have just installed Fedora Core 5 64bit linux in my system. I like it, but there is some problems associated with its being 64 bit.
15 September, 2006
Object Oriented Programing(OOP) in JavaScript
A quick link dump on JavaScript inheritance and other OOP techniques that are almost never used when coding in JavaScript.
12 September, 2006
Blogger Beta
I have upgraded to Blogger Beta - now I can access many more features - like labels, WYSIWYG template modification etc. Since I use a customized blog design, it has not been easy. In fact, it was quite hard. But was it worth it? I don't know yet.
06 September, 2006
Fedora Core 5
I have upgraded from Linux Fedora Core 3 to Fedora Core 5. I still have to not configured it fully, so a complete review will have to wait.
03 September, 2006
MySQL Storage Engines - MyISAM, InnoDB and others
MySQL has a feature called Storage Engines - it supports multiple independent storage engines that can be used as handlers for different table types. Each table can be stored in a way that is most optimized for that particular table.
28 August, 2006
Live Validator - JavaScript Field Validation Script
Live Validator is a JavaScript program that will validate any form field as the user types the data using the regular expressions that you have specified.
24 August, 2006
phpMyAdmin Tips and Tricks - Database Backup and Restore
phpMyAdmin is a big software - there are features that I have not used yet. But there are some features that are not very obvious - but could save you a lot of time.
20 August, 2006
Installing phpMyAdmin 2.8
The install instructions I provided earlier will only work in the earlier versions of phpMyAdmin. The latest version( - as of Aug 15, 2006) has a much easier way of doing this.
15 August, 2006
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