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Web Development in Linux
Linux is a better platform for Web Development than Windows can ever hope to be. Most of the thing you would need in a development server like a Web Server, Database Server, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby etc. are already present on any decent distribution. Linux has browsers(Firefox,Konqueror,Lynx,etc.), design tools(Gimp), editors(Quanta Plus,Emacs), programming tools(CVS,Cervisia) - in short, everything you need for web development.
17 May, 2006
OpenJS Backend
I have already talked about my new venture - I created the design and the backend myself. I thought long and hard about using third party tools like Mambo or Drupal or even WordPress. But at the end I decided to make one of my own.
14 May, 2006
Default Action for an Event
There are many occasions when you have to override the default action of an event. For example, when a link is clicked, you want a popup to open(desired action) rather than going to the the page in the href attribute(default action). I will try to find the best way to do this.
11 May, 2006
Hyperlink 2.0
When a user clicks on a link, this script finds which page linked and then load that page using AJAX internally. Then it takes the contents of the tag and replace the contents of the body tag of the current page with the new content. Thus we render the new page - without changing the URL.
08 May, 2006
Best Blog Posts of the First Century
As you probably know, I have reached the 100 posts milestone. It is traditional to make a 'Best of 100' post at this point. So here it is - 5 best content pages and 5 best scripts...
05 May, 2006
100th Post
An year after the first post, I have reached the 100th post milestone. So a best of 100 post is traditional - that will be my next post. But before that, my experiences with blogging...
02 May, 2006
OpenJS Design
I have been working on the design of I have often said that most of my 'designs' look like a 4-year old kid's mis-adventures with a crayon. But once in a while I do something that amazes even me. And this is the case of OpenJS - the design part went great.
28 April, 2006
My New Site -
I just bought point following the link - there is nothing there). I plan to make it a site about JS - I want to stop writing JavaScript stuff here - and put all the JavaScript related stuff there instead. The huge bulk of my posts are about javascript - so I thought that I could make a new site of it.
24 April, 2006
Online Sudoku 2 Realeased
After a long wait, I have released the Online Sudoku 2.00.A to the general public. If you like the game, you can download the code and install it in your site.
23 April, 2006
Best way to Open a Popup
Although there are many problems associated with using popups, they are still useful. In this post, I will try to find the best method to open a popup. I only am taking about the 'real' popup here - not those wishy-washy pop-unders.
21 April, 2006
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