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LinDesk – Linux on the Desktop

By • Sep 1st, 2007 • Category: Linux, Personal, Web Development, WordPress


I have a new blog – LinDesk. LinDesk concentrates on the use of Linux on the Desktop. I am trying to keep it distro agnostic – but there is a slight leaning towards Fedora – as it is the distro I am using. Also, you might find a disproportionate amount of articles about KDE.

Actually this blog has been around for some time. The first article appeared on April 8. But I did not announce it so that there can be a build up of articles before it goes public.

Take a look at LinDesk – and if you are a fan of the Linux operating system, subscribe.

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So what do you guys think of the new blog? Is it a good move? Or am I moving towards an early burnout?

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  1. TipsoSaurus says:

    Well, it is a good move. having more blogs means…more money 🙂

  2. Vaibhav says:

    thats a new way of marketing. infact a good move, new blog, make it a secret and launch it with full power 🙂

  3. Binny V A says:

    Exactly! I have read a lot of articles on how to start a new blog – and they all suggest this method.

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