Link Code Insert: A GreaseMonkey UserScript


Link Code Insert inserts the HTML code for creating a link at the active element location when the user presses Ctrl+Alt+A. I use it a lot when I am writing a comment and want to add a link. Just select the text you want to link and the userscript will add the HTML code ‘<a href="">‘ before the selected text and a ‘</a>‘ after it.

Technically, this is a UserScript – and not a plugin. But I prefer to think of a userscript as a plugin of a plugin. So I guess it can be included in the Plugin Week.

Note: You must be using Firefox and must have installed GreaseMonkey for this script to work.

Download/Install the UserScript

Plugin Week 2

This plugin is part of the Plugin Week 2 series. Plugin Week is a week when I publish a new plugin each day for an entire week. I have already one this one time – so this is Plugin Week 2. The plugins released so far…

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  1. Well, its a nice tip for making hyperlinks on the fly but I generally refrain from using greasemonkey coz it makes my FF bulky and slower.

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