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MiniCart WordPress Plugin: Shopping Cart for WordPress

By • Jul 14th, 2009 • Category: Blogging, Scripts, WordPress

Wordpress Shopping Cart

MiniCart will implement a mini-shopping-cart in your blog. You can add items from the admin side and embed the cart into posts. This can also be used as a donation plugin. By design, you can only show one item in a cart.

If you like this plugin, consider making a donation…

[MINICART donate “Mini Cart Plugin”]

The above donate form is created using the MiniCart plugin. To see an actual cart in action, got the MiniCart Demo page.

Download MiniCart


  • Supports Paypal
  • Easy to use interface
  • You can also embed it directly into a post
  • One item/cart restriction. This will force the users to focus on just one item.


  1. Download the zipped file.
  2. Extract and upload the contents of the folder to /wp-contents/plugins/ folder
  3. Enable the plugin from WordPress admin area
  4. Go to Settings > Mini-Cart Setting page and set the paypal id(Make sure this is done).
  5. Go to Tools > Cart Items and create items
  6. Embed the cart in a post by using the code [MINICART item=”ID_OF_ITEM”] anywhere in a post/page.
  7. Alternatively, you can use the code [MINICART donate] to show a donation form.

If you have any issues with the plugin, post a thread at the MiniCart Plugin Forum.

Plugin Week

This plugin is part of the Plugin Week 2 series. Plugin Week is a week when I publish a new plugin each day for an entire week. I have already one this one time – so this is Plugin Week 2. This is the second plugin released this week. The first is Weather Man.

If you want to get news about the upcoming plugin releases(remember, 1 per day), please subscribe to this site.

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  1. This plugin is great i love it.

  2. […] MiniCart – The MiniCart WordPress plugin is a button that can be included into individual blog posts to easily ccept payments for products or just request donations. This enables each blog entry to act as its own mini store, which can be helpful for when your blog is shared across the web via full-feature RSS readers and the like. For those that don’t need to transform their entire blog into an online shop, the MiniCart WordPress plugin will suffice. […]

  3. santosh says:

    I’ve tried this plugin and works really well…thank you

  4. Love this plugin. I have used it on my blog. Well i do have some results for me. Really appreciate your service. Thanks a lot!

  5. […] MiniCart Do you need a simple, fast and cheap solution to sell products online? In that case, this shopping cart is for you. It lets  you to add products from the admin backend and than embed the cart. It can be also used as donation plugin. More about MniCart here […]

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