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Nexty, The Online Application

By • Sep 26th, 2007 • Category: Events, Personal, PHP, Scripts, Web Development

Nexty Logo

I just released the latest version of Nexty – and to celebrate that, I am making Nexty an online application. That is, you can use Nexty from the web – without having to install it on your local system.

Of course, Nexty code is available as well – you can download and install it locally if you wish. In fact, I will recommend that you install it locally. That way, the application will be much faster than the online alternatives.

This happens to be my first online app. I have worked on many online projects before – but those were for various clients. This is the first online application that I have created for the use of others! I am working on anther online application – but by the look of things, it is not going to be over soon.

And thanks to Brad Nickel for suggesting this idea.

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