BarCamp Kerala 2007

Barcamp Kerala 2007

Yesterday I went to the first Kerala BarCamp. It was held at Techno Park, Trivandrum. I had to travel 225 kilometers to attend it – and it was totally worth it!


Open Social

By Kenney Jacob

About the new OpenSocial API provided by Google. The talk was concentrated on its application on Orkut – as it is the most popular social networking site here.

Game Development in Ruby

By Vishnu Gopal

This session was about creating small 2D games in Ruby using the ‘Gosu’ library. You can get a small sample game he created for this session at N3wton Google Code


Home Automation using Bluetooth

By Hari Krishnan

Using your mobile phone as an universal remote for all applications within your home.


By Bipin

Asterisk is a Open Source software PBX(Private branch exchange)


By Dhaneesh and Dev

Using QT Designer to create GUI applications.

Computer Memory Based on Bacteriorhodopsin

By Jidhu

A new way of storing information – by changing the state of a protein. This is done by shining a different colour light on the protein. It is much faster and cheaper than the fastest RAMs available today. Also, it is non-volatile – so it can be as both the HardDisk and as the RAM. I found this the most interesting of all session.

Open Network Project

By Linoy Joseph

A implementation of a mesh style open network.


by Renjith Ramachandran

Developing mobile application using the Android SDK provided by Google. The presentation showed us how to do it using Eclipse.


by Sreekanth G S

A small introduction to PHP and Web Application Development.

The People

The best part of the camp is the people you meet. I met a lot of people who I only knew only through the internet. Some of the people I met…

Until next time…

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