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Installing the acts_as_taggable Rails Plugin

By • Dec 20th, 2007 • Category: Ruby on Rails, Scripts, Web 2.0, Web Development

You don’t have to write a lot of code to get tagging support in your Ruby on Rails application – you just have to install a plugin. This is how you install the ‘acts_as_taggable’ plugin…

First go to the Ruby on Rails application folder and open a terminal at that location. Now run this commad…

ruby script/plugin install acts_as_taggable

If your have previously installed some plugins from the same repository, that command will work. If not, you will get this error…

Plugin not found: ["acts_as_taggable"]

This is because the ‘acts_as_taggable’ plugin is not in any of the repositories you check. To see the all the repositories on your check list, run this command…

ruby script/plugin list #Shows the list of all the repositories you check.

To add new repositories to your list, you have to run this command…

ruby script/plugin discover

This will shows a list of repositories – just press ‘y’ to select all the repositories you need. I added every repository in the list.

Now run the first command again…

ruby script/plugin install acts_as_taggable

Installing the Gem

The above instructions are for installing the acts_as_taggable plugin – not the acts_as_taggable gem. To install the gem run the command…

gem install acts_as_taggable

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  2. karthikeyan says:

    I am getting Plugin Not found error when i am trying to install this plugin

  3. ms-ati says:

    To enable caching of tags in a rails 3 application with ActsAsTaggableOn, see this answer:

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