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Defining Web 2.0 – At 3 Levels

By • Jan 23rd, 2008

Web 2.0 – almost everyone have heard the term – but few are sure about its meaning. Unfortunately, it cannot be defined easily. People in different fields have their own unique definitions for the term. In this article, I will attempt to define the term at three different level – the Philosophy, the Technology and […]

Keyboard Shortcuts JavaScript Library

By • Jul 21st, 2007

I have created the second version of the JavaScript Shortcut Library. It is one of my more popular scripts. This script eases the work involved in making shortcuts in JavaScript. Despite the many JavaScript libraries that are available today, I cannot find one that makes it easy to add keyboard shortcuts(or accelerators) to your javascript […]

Success/Error Design Pattern For Ajax

By • Jun 22nd, 2007

‘Success/Error’ design pattern for Ajax requests is a JSON encoded string in a specific format – each response has a minimum of two elements in it – ie ‘success’ and ‘error’ – like this… { “success”:”Task done successfully”, “error”:false } OR { “success”:false, “error”:”Database Connection Error!” } This method is used extensivly in Nexty. Almost […]