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As promised in my previous post about the release of Nexty, I want to announce my new project – Jus5. It is not exactly ‘new’ – I have been working on it for a couple of weeks. Jus5 is a light weight CMS. It is also a total failure 🙁

Download Jus5 (Updated)

See Jus5 In Action

What is Jus5?

Jus5 is perhaps the smallest Content Management System. The system only requires 9 files(less than 100KB) – without the editor. The entire system can be compressed into just 2 files – but my conscience is not letting me do that.


Jus5 is a Lightweight CMS that can be used to create and manage smaller sites. It includes only the most essential features of a CMS tool.

  • Customizable Themes
  • Add/Edit/Delete Pages
  • Add/Edit/Delete Categories
  • mod_rewrite support(User Friendly URLs)
  • Client/Admin Model
  • Single Admin
  • WYSIWYG Editor Support(TinyMCE)
  • Easy to Install/Use
  • And More…


The purpose of this software is to let people set up micro sites with the least amount of troubles. My aim is this – the web master copies the files over to the server and calls up the location in the browser and the system is in place. No configuration – no editing config files – no going through wizards to set up this software(ideally).

A good example for this is sourceforge sites – ie. the web hosting support that sourceforge site provides for open source projects. I have some OSS projects in sourceforge – and each of them have a site – nexty and bdir. The problems with this is, the site is too limited to use a professional CMS tool like Drupal or Mambo. The only other options is to manage it manually. This is what I have been doing so far – and it is getting a bit tedious.

Enter Jus5 – just upload the necessary files to the server – and you have the system running!

At least that was the plan.


If you have been in the Web development field for some time, you will immediately spot the problem when I said that I want the program to have zero configuration. You will know that at the very least, the user have to provide the database connection details.

But there is one method that can be used to overcome this limitation – SQLite. I used this method to create the entire application. The problem is not all servers have SQLite support in PHP. SourceForge don’t!

As a result, I have added MySQL driver support to this system – but now the user must configure the system before running it. Not what I wanted.

With that change I am releasing a ‘working’ version of Jus5. Please remember that this is a beta release – expect broken stuff. Don’t use it in a production system.


  1. Dude, I’ll give it a try… I know a few people that want simple websites, that are easy to manage and this sounds just right… Can you just elaborate on the “It is also a total failure” piece… so I know what I’m running into!

  2. Hi,

    I have been looking at your jus5 cms. I am interested in a lightweight easy to understand and ‘push around’ cms.

    Seems to me that the biggest item is missing is a menu system although perhaps this is your intent with categories?

      • Does jus5 have any menu features or do you just create your menu bar in the template with hard coded links? Would be nice to have some menu structure attached to the content.

        I have used Drupal now for two websites. I think Drupal is way more then I need for smaller projects. Hence for my search for a super simple CMS that does the basics.

        I thing jus5 may be too simple actually for my needs.

        • Yeah – I think categories is what you are looking for.

          And if you need something more than Jus5 and something less than Drupal, I can recommend WordPress.

          • Aha, thanks I will check it out.

            So far I found a few lightweight CMSs, Yours, leCMS and sNews. sNews is slightly more what I am looking for but is a snarled mess of code since they jam it all into 1 file with no commenting or space – suppose to be an advantage. I don’t get it.

    • Cos it keeps telling me Password does not match. Moreover, I’m using a free host, it gives the warning “Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /www/clanteam.com/a/s/u/asumiko/htdocs/admin.php on line 625”. How can i change password manually?

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