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By • Jul 28th, 2008 • Category: Events, Personal, PHP, Sites, Web Development

Nexty is an easy to use To Do list manager created using GTD principles. The core idea behind this software is simplicity. I wanted to make a GTD tool that is the most easy to use. So far, I have released this two times – first when Nexty was created – and then when it was available as a online service. Now, I am giving Nexty its own domain.


Some features that make nexty special…

Easy to Use
Using Nexty is very simple – you can start using it without any trouble
Its ‘gratis’ – you don’t have to pay to use it.
Open Source
Its ‘libera’. Since Nexty is published under the BSD License, you can download and modify the code to fit your need.
See all your tasks, reminders and due dates in one centralized location.
Next Actions
Focus on one single task at a time using this feature.
For Projects, Tasks and Reminders that you have created.
And the Usual Stuff…
Nexty has everything you would expect in a GTD system – Projects, Contexts, Reminders – you know – the works.

Free Software

If you are using Nexty as a locally installed application, there is no need to worry – the source is available for download – and its still in the BSD license. That will not change.

But if you are looking for a free online GTD tool, try Nexty.


Further development details and announcements of Nexty will appear on its own development blog.

If you need any support for using Nexty, post a query on the Nexty Support Forum.

You can also post your suggestions there as well.


I am trying to get some publicity for Nexty and its launch – if anyone has any suggestions about this, your comments are welcome.

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  1. rohitj says:

    hey there,
    Nice site. But is it possible that I could somehow sync my Kontact with nexty? That would be wonderful.

  2. Niyaz says:

    I think the success of your web application depends on the ability in aiding users to switch from existing application to your’s. Do you have any faicity for importing to-do lists from other applications?

    On the publicity thing: there are many blogs that focus on start-ups and new web applications. Try to contact them for a little publicity.

  3. Binny V A says:


    Thanks for the advice. I’ll take a look at the blogs that specialize on startups.

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