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My Windows/DOS Applications

January 21, 2009 Binny V A 0

I got into programming before I got into Linux – consequently, many of my earlier programs were targeted for the windows platform. I want to showcase those apps in this post. I no longer use them – but if anyone finds any of these useful, it wont go to waste.

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Alertle Launched

February 10, 2008 Binny V A 14

I am one of the geeks behind Alertle. Its a web based RSS Reader. I am responsible for a good amount of the JavaScript areas […]

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BarCamp Kerala 2

February 3, 2008 Binny V A 4

The second Kerala BarCamp was a success. The presentations were very informative and the people were interesting. What more do you want? Sessions Xtend IVR […]