Firefox 3 – World Record and Downed Servers

As many others from around the web, I too am waiting for the latest iteration of the Firefox browser – Firefox 3. And again, like many others, I too am participating in the World Record attempt. Unfortunately, even though the release time is upon us, I cannot download the software – because their server is down!

As a linux user, I have come to expect the fact that servers will collapse when a new version of a distro is released. But those are big files that are transferred(the linux images will be anywhere between 600 MB to 4 GB). But in case of firefox, a 8 MB file managed to bring top servers to their knees. A testament to the popularity of firefox – although I wish mozilla had more mirrors.

If you cannot wait to get the latest version, get it from their FTP servers – they are functioning normally. But, those downloads will NOT BE COUNTED in the final tally for the world record.

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