Easier Way to Update Twitter Status: Address Bar


I have already created a script to update twitter(or tweet, or whatever) from the command line. For those who are not big fans of command line, there is another method to make tweeting easier – tweeting from the address bar

Firefox has an cool feature that lets you substitute words in the address bar – we are going to use this feature to update twitter status from the address bar. And, for that reason, this trick only works in Firefox. First, you have to create a bookmark.

  • Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks…
  • Select ‘Bookmarks Menu’
  • Organize > New Bookmark…

Set the name as ‘Twitter’. The location must be ‘http://twitter.com/home?status=%s’. Enter ‘tweet’ in the keyword field.

Now open up a new tab and type in…

tweet Testing the new address bar tweeting method.

Now the text you entered will automatically be inserted into the textarea in twitter – but you will have to click the Update button for it to be posted. If you want to make it easier, write a greasemonkey script to auto insert the text. But be warned, there is a small security risk in doing that.


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