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Link Code Insert: A GreaseMonkey UserScript

By • Jul 20th, 2009

Link Code Insert inserts the HTML code for creating a link at the active element location when the user presses Ctrl+Alt+A. I use it a lot when I am writing a comment and want to add a link. Just select the text you want to link and the userscript will add the HTML code ‘<a href="">‘ before the selected text and a ‘</a>‘ after it.

Easier Way to Update Twitter Status: Address Bar

By • Feb 3rd, 2009

I have already created a script to update twitter(or tweet, or whatever) from the command line. For those who are not big fans of command line, there is another method to make tweeting easier – tweeting from the address bar

New Version of URL Lister Firefox Add-on

By • Jun 30th, 2008

Following the release of Firefox 3, I have updated my URL Lister firefox Add-on. Now it works in Firefox 3 – and I have added a new feature. For those unfamiliar with URL Lister, its a firefox add-on that shows the URLs of all the open tabs in a textarea so that it can be […]

Firefox 3 – World Record and Downed Servers

By • Jun 17th, 2008

As many others from around the web, I too am waiting for the latest iteration of the Firefox browser – Firefox 3. And again, like many others, I too am participating in the World Record attempt. Unfortunately, even though the release time is upon us, I cannot download the software – because their server is […]

URL Lister – My First Firefox Plugin

By • May 7th, 2008

I just released my first firefox plugin – URL Lister. It shows the URLs of all the open tabs in a textarea so that they can be copied easily. Download/Install Install URL Lister If you have installed it, consider rating it or reviewing it at Firefox plugins sandbox. Go to the public page for URL […]