What I learned from Nexty

Nexty Logo

Remember Nexty? Recently I was able to make the 1.0 version. Currently I am planning for the second version. But before starting on that I want to document the different things I learned when creating Nexty. These are a list of things you can expect on this series…

Client Side

  • CSS
    • Icons
    • Theming using CSS
  • JavaScript
    • Ajax – Success/Failure Pattern

Server Side

  • Installer
  • Framework
  • API
  • Distributed Apps

Before starting, a small notice – I will include links to Nexty’s internal pages in this series. Most of these pages are behind a login. So I would advice that you get an account in Nexty and login into it using the ‘Remember Me’ option enabled. This would make sure that you have the most seamless experience.


  1. You wrote ‘Clint’ in your site. A type, I presume 🙂

    I have a question. Perhaps you would be able to help me out.

    I am using PHP 4 with Apache 2.0.59. On one page, I have a link to a pdf file. I want that when visitor click on this link, the pdf opens up in a new browser window. I want to control the display of that window. For example, that the windows has no toolbars or menu bars

    How could I do that?


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