Eventr WordPress Plugin for Event Registration

Eventr plugin lets you use your blog as an event management tool. You can create an event – the plugin will let people register for the event – it can also show a list of all the attendees. Once the event is done, you can deactivate the event and no more sign ups will be allowed.

One other thing – Welcome to Plugin Week. I am going to release one wordpress plugin each day, every day for one week(ie. Monday to Friday – I’m too lazy to work on Saturdays and Sundays). Each day you will get a new plugin by me. This is the first plugin in this series.


  • Download the zipped file from the Eventr page in WordPress Plugin Repository.
  • Extract and upload the contents of the folder to /wp-contents/plugins/ folder
  • Go to the Plugin management page of WordPress admin section and enable the Eventr plugin
  • Go to the Events Management page(Tools > Manage Event) to create or edit events.


See it in Action

This is NOT a demo page – its a registration for an actual event(Barcamp Kerala 2008) – so please don’t enter your details to test it. That is, don’t enter your details unless you want to register for the event. If you plan to come for the event, feel free to register.

I made this plugin especially for this event. And I am glad to know it saved Aravind(a fellow barcamper) a lot of trouble 😉

Earlier WordPress Plugins

These are my earlier wordpress plugins(not part of the plugin week series)…


If you have any suggestions or notice any problems with the plugin, post it in the Eventr forum.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next plugin – to be released tomorrow.


  1. You should have release this plugin before blogcampkerala. Must have saved a lot of time of Kenny. Great going.

    Hey, why dont you add email subscription to your blog..? I like subscribing via emails and i cant find a link.

    Cheerss dude

  2. can you limit the number of available attendants so that after a certain number of attendants sign up, the sign up will automatically close? say I have an event where I can take max. 10 participants, ai don’t want 20 to be able to sign up…

  3. Hey,

    Also try including a feature in which all the registrations need to include a description and email.
    Also try including a optional feature where an entry need to be moderated before putting up on the list. It would have been lot easier to maintain the list then.

    Arun, see you at barcamp..

  4. I was just throwing in some ideas, I don’t actually need this, but I can already see some usage of this plugin, i.e. for a teacher to organize his classes, etc. so I think it would be pretty nice if i.e. a teacher can have to events, i.e. morning class 8-9 o’clock and afternoon from 16-17 o’clock and let his students sign up for them, maybe also a feature like a subscription to a mailing list, where the person signing up has to click a link in their email to confirm and a feature for the teacher to move people i.e. from one event to another…

  5. Great plugin.
    How do I set which fields are required or not? I see the get_option(‘eventr_’ . $opt) call, but don’t know where to assign these vals. Do I need to manually do it via the database?

  6. Hi Binny,

    Your plugin is great, but I’ve run into an issue. When I set the bio field as mandatory, and a user enters their info, the plugin isn’t recording the bio field on the admin side. For instance, when I go to manage attendees, and export the list, there’s no bio field data. How can I fix this?

    I’m not getting any errors and I’m using wordpress 2.6.3. Thanks for your help.

  7. Great plugin. How I wish you could enhance your plugin so that a registered blog reader can submit and manage their own events…


  8. Thanks for sharing the plugin-perfect for my need.
    But it seems having some issue with wordpress 2.8.1 security – I’m unable to create/manage event anymore. It says I don’t have permission to access the page though I’m already have administrator role. Any plan to make it compatible with 2.8.1?

  9. Hi Binny,
    I’ve installed eventr ver 1.02.0 – but still giving me permission error for wordpress 2.8.1 🙁 – I can’t find any resources regarding the new WP security model to help…

  10. HI Binny,
    i’ve installed eventr ver 1.02.0 ,
    but when i Go to the Events Management page(Tools > Manage Event) to create or edit events …….and when i’m clicking the create new event link it’s showing me
    “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

    • .. me too. I´ve searching for a long time to find such a WP-Tool .. and now ? It doesn´t work 🙁
      Any other ideas to fix the bug or did you know an other Plugin with the same functions ???

  11. The plugin is not working with 2.8.2 . If you were using it with 2.8, you will find after the upgrade that the members of the event are missing. I have to downgrade in order to recover the list. So, be ware.

  12. What is the short code to list all of the events in one event page? Do I put this short code below in the individual event so that when they select the event it takes them to the event information and the registration form?

    I would just like a list of the events and the date and information on my events page and then if they click on it it will take them to the event information including the registration form.

    Please help ASAP. My events are fast approaching!

  13. Doesn’t seem to work with WordPress 2.9.1

    Attendees page says: “No atten­dees found.” even though I have registered with many different names.

    Too bad because this was exactly what I was looking for. 🙁

  14. No luck w/ WP 2.9.2 here either. I get a similar error about not having sufficient permissions to a certain folder when trying to save an event.

  15. It’s not working on my wp 2.9.2 either 🙁 had to switch to amiando.com as an alternative. If you don’t mind a 3rd party web application it’s great and you can integreate the event registration and participant lists via iframe but you can’t manage it from within wordpress

  16. The Plugin is great! Thanks mate!
    It would be more better if you add these…

    1. Mass email to the attendees.
    2. Sidebar Widget to get the names of recent added attendees.

    Thanks in advance.

  17. Hi,
    I want to use the plugin in a pages and not the blog page of wordpress,
    i tried the same but it is not displaying the events.
    Is there any shortcode for the plugin?.

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